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Having the right equipment is the best way to set yourself up for success in dog training. For your convenience and to help you pick the correct items, everything you need for our online courses is available on our Amazon Storefront. You'll find:

  • Essential items for training
  • Optional extras for bonus fun
  • Recommended food, bones, and treats
  • Basic grooming supplies

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Everything you need for our available core courses is listed individually on this page. Or you can shop on Amazon for equipment lists covering all three core courses. Find everything you want and need with ease.


Puppy Head Start Items

Required essential items for the course are listed first. Optional extras have an asterisk next to them. Click the photo to purchase through Amazon for most items.

Slip Lead

An essential piece of equipment, a slip lead is a leash and collar in one

Treat Pouch

A treat pouch is a must-have item. It gives you quick access to kibble during training

Long Line

The best long line is made out of biothane material


You'll need a good puppy harness. Get one that can grow with your puppy

Place Bed

A place bed is a raised bed with defined edges. It is a training tool


Good dog training entails crate training. Ideally, get a plastic crate first

Puppy Toy

This toy doesn't need to be tough, durable or expensive. Your puppy will outgrow it quickly


A basic clicker with a consistent sound that's easy to compress

Puppy Collar*

Pick any collar you like. The best collar is leather or biothane with a metal buckle

ID Tag*

A silent pet ID tag made of silicone that can be custom engraved for any collar

Tug Toy*

Two linen tug toys for drive building and playtime


A Chuckit ultra ball dog toy. Select the best size for your puppy

Flirt Pole*

A fun toy to build your puppy's drive and tire him out


A classic toy for mental stimulation. Stuff with your dog's favorite foods

Kong Wobbler*

Similar to a Kong but more challenging! A fun activity for dogs wanting more stimulation

Treat Dispensing Chewball*

Your pup can work for his food with little effort on your part with this fun interactive toy

Kochi Free*

Solidify your puppy's stools with this tincture to help prevent accidents in the crate


An herbal blend designed to boost your pup's immune system for overall health

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